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Clinics and Masterclasses


Weekly Masterclasses

Dr. Clark's weekly Masterclasses are designed to take your students to the next level of flute playing. She focuses on refining fundamentals, getting the flute section to sound cohesive, and teaching them to play in tune! Dr. Clark can also help your students perfect their All State Etudes or end of year audition music!


Guest Lectures

How your students sit, stand and hold their instrument affects the quality of sound they produce. Through her interactive guest lectures, Dr. Clark strives to help your students find balance and free movement, allowing effortless playing and uninhibited musical expression. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with your students and helping them to find poise, ease, and balance in playing.


Pedagogy Clinics

Dr. Clark is a passionate flute pedagogue with over 35 years of experience in teaching all levels of students, from beginners to adults. She is curious and always learning, making her an ideal teacher for those looking to further their musical education. Dr. Clark is a frequent speaker at many music education and flute conferences, such as TMEA, TBA, NFA, and various flute clubs across the country.

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