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Studio Policy 

Registration for private lessons is an agreement between the student and the teacher to commit to the scheduled weekly lesson time. It is a reservation of both my time and yours.

In-Person, Online, or Combination

Lessons are offered in three formats-In-Person, Online, or a Combination. Combination lessons are meant to be primarily In-Person but the student may switch to online for reasons of inclement weather, a tight schedule, if the student isn't feeling well but wants to have a lesson anyway, etc..


Lessons may be rescheduled in the event of a school conflict (with a minimum of 24 hour notice), illness, or inclement weather and must be done on line. There are no refunds for missed lessons, unexcused absences, or expired make up credits.


Lesson Credits

In the event of an allowable cancellation (see above), the student will receive one lesson credit. There is a maximum of three lesson credits per semester. They do not roll over to the next semester.

Make Up Lessons

Make ups lessons are scheduled online through My Music Staff. Lessons credits expire after 30 days and are then forfeited. Please schedule make up lessons at the time of the cancellation. Make up lessons will be offered for any lessons that the teacher cancels. 

Late Fees and Additional Charges

A $5 late fee will be applied to payments more than 7 days late. Cost for books, sheet music, accompanists, recital fees, and competition fees are not included in the tuition. Photocopying music is illegal. It is important that students own their music.

Termination of Lessons

It is expected that a student registering for lessons will make the commitment for the entire school year. If a student needs to drop lessons for any reason they must do so in writing. Any tuition fees remaining for the month will be forfeited.

Covid Protocols (as of 8/20/21)

The following protocols are subject to change as the situation evolves:​

  • Parents are not allowed inside my home at this time.

  • Only one student is allowed inside at a time. If you are early, you will need to wait outside on the porch, the bench, or in your car. Likewise, if your ride is late, you will need to wait outside if another student is here.

  • Unvaccinated students are encouraged to remain online. If you choose to come in person, you must wear a mask when entering and leaving the house and when not playing.

  • I will wear a mask with unvaccinated students when not playing and will keep the greatest distance possible.

  • In-person lessons will end 10 min before the next lesson so that I may clean surfaces.

  • I will use an air purifier during all in-person lessons, and may open the window on days where the weather permits it.

  • If you are sick in any way, stay home. We can always do your lesson virtually.

Teacher Responsibilities 
  • Develop student’s musical potential through an individualized curriculum of repertoire, technique, music theory, competition, and performance.

  • Provide a positive environment where students feel safe to explore new ideas and concepts.

  • Teach artistry of music, effective practice, solid fundamentals of playing, and healthy musicianship.

  • Serve as a resource for music education and continuing study.


Student Responsibilities 
  • Be on time.

  • Attend all lessons regularly.

  • Practice all assigned materials.

  • Bring your notebook, practice journal and lesson materials every week.

  • Obtain lesson materials in a timely fashion.

  • Ask questions. 

  • Turn off your cell phone. 

  • Come with an open mind, ready to try new things. (No matter how crazy they seem)!

  • Participate in additional learning opportunities such as: Floot Fire, Houston Flute Club Flute Fest, masterclasses and recitals with various guest artists, and Studio Recitals.

  • Listen to lots of recordings and videos.

    • YouTube rules: Please only watch grownups playing on a stage in front of a pianist or orchestra. Do not listen to little Sally Anne playing her flute in the kitchen. Take note of the name of the performers.

  • Practice appropriately for your age, level of playing, and desired outcomes. If you are not sure what that is…ask!

  • Admit when you aren’t prepared…I can tell, you aren’t fooling anyone. I know that it happens on occasion because of life obligations but it should be EXTREMELY RARE!

  • Tell me if you need special assistance such as special lighting, colored overlays, etc.


Parent Responsibilities 
  • Help students establish a regular practice routine.

  • Encourage participation in special classes and events.

  • Help student to obtain lesson materials in a timely fashion.

  • Keep instrument well maintained.



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