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Alexander Technique and Body Mapping Lessons



50 min—$80 

Lessons are scheduled on week to week basis.

Additional Information

Registration for private lessons is an agreement between the student and the teacher to commit to the scheduled lesson time. It is a reservation of both my time and yours.


Lessons may be rescheduled in the event of a conflict (with a minimum of 24 hour notice), illness, or inclement weather and must be done on line. There are no refunds for missed lessons, unexcused absences, or expired make up credits.


Lesson Credits and Make Up Lessons

In the event of an allowable cancellation (see above), the student will receive one lesson credit. Make ups lessons are scheduled online through My Music Staff. Lessons credits expire after 45 days and are then forfeited. Please schedule make up lessons at the time of the cancellation. Make up lessons will be offered for any lessons that the teacher cancels. 

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